Jennifer Cumby

writer/editor/content strategist/ creative professional

Ann Arbor

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concept, story board, script
Bronze Telly Award: Script Writing

University of Lynchburg: Video

Using video at Lynchburg College/University of Lynchburg allowed me to simultaneously demonstrate enduring institutional values while also steadily and confidently pushing the university into uncharted territory.

At this moment, the institution was poised to launch a rebrand and a name change – from Lynchburg College to University of Lynchburg. Part of my job was turning the school’s “best kept secret” status inside out.

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University of Lynchburg: Print

Hired by Lynchburg College to improve and bring Enrollment Marketing in house, I created a seven-piece suite of enrollment materials with a small team consisting of me, two photographers (one professional, one student) and three graphic designers (all professionals, but only one was available to me at a time).
I was responsible for concept, project management, art and creative direction, content strategy, research, student and faculty selection, logistics, copy writing, overall design direction, quality and vendor management, editorial oversight, and client management.

script, consultant

Michigan Tech’s College of Computing hired an outside agency for their Hello, World video, but was unhappy with the result. I was brought in to untangle the script and create an ordered flow to the shot list

Michigan Tech wanted to consistently demonstrate value in ways that were compelling to prospective students, not just their parents. To that end, I scripted this quick video in the morning and we had it finished by end of day.

Project Name: Ride Along

The Ride Along series let me put words to the difficult to quantify.

MichiganTech: Video

Campaign: Tomorrow Needs Michigan Tech

For the Tomorrow Needs campaign, Michigan Tech needed to counter the university’s image of largely appealing to white males from the upper midwest. To accomplish this, I helped select and then, interview selected students one-on-one about their lives and experiences, even sitting in (unseen) on a few of their classes.
With this insight, I was able to write scripts for each student that closely aligned their own speech patterns and word choices. This work on my part shows in the final product as the students themselves served as voice over talent.

MichiganTech: Print

Michigan Tech Magazine

To illustrate the diversity of ongoing research projects at Michigan Tech’s Ford Research Forest in an accessible, interesting, and unexpected way, I spent the day onsite with media team colleagues. The best ways to communicate the most complex ideas are often the shortest and most difficult for writers to accomplish, but also the most challenging (and fun).
I pitched writing haiku to more artfully capture each research abstract and open the story to more audiences. Fully vetted by each scientist, these haiku were then used as the basis for cross-disciplinary classes for both the sciences and the literary arts.

Later, I took over editorial duties for recurring sections of the magazine (including 1400 Townsend Drive) and had the opportunity to write about mechatronics. The purpose of this section of the magazine is to educate institutionally-familiar readers about programs and disciplines that are technologically complex, advanced, or unfamiliar.


Dead Housekeeping

Jenny’s commitment to audience is rare and valuable. She has a knack for understanding emotional undercurrents that means the people who read her words don’t just read them, they feel them.

Jesse Tobias, editor